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Our Awards

Essenza Mediterranea triumphs at the World Drink Awards, a prestigious competition promoted by The Drink Reports, winning the Gold Medal and the award for Best Sweet Vermouth in the world for Giacobini Vermouth Organic Red.

It also excels in the Design category with the following recognitions: World Best Vermouth Design, Best Bottle Design, Best New Launch, Gold Medal Label Design, Gold Medal Bottle Design, and Gold Medal New Launch.

Other significant awards include: Silver for Giacobini Mediterranean Bitter and Bronze for Giacobini Vermouth Organic White.
Silver medals were also awarded to Amaro Eroico and Amaro Eroico Riserva.

A success also at the International Wine & Spirit Competition where it earned a gold medal

for Amaro Eroico Riserva in the Amaro category.


Amaro Eroico's Awards

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