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The Mediterranean 


Herbs and plants of the mediterranean maquis
are the Essenza of our products.


The Hesperides 


Citrus themselves, which are the main symbols of the Mediterranean, connect East 

and West thanks to their long journey. 

Their fruits, the golden apples which grew under the eyes of Ladon the Dragon, who was lulled by the voices of the Hesperides, they are 

stillappreciated both for their beauty and their beneficial properties.

Fragrant essential oils are extracted from 

their peels.

Limone copia.jpg

Herbs and Spices

The Mediterranean Maquis is rich in fresh and spicy herbs which can be used  freshly pickedor dried.

Just think of rosemary, of oregan, of juniper.  A combination of aromas and flavors, a living testimony of the history and the stories which always enlive our mare nostrum.

An open air pharmacy

Officinal herbs, which grow spontaneously in the mediterranean maquis, are one of the largest resources offered by nature.

In ancient times the monks cultivated them in the Hortus Simplicium , for their therapeuticproperties, they distilled and turned them into natural remedies. Today the so called«Erbajoli» are their greatest experts.

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